Distant Reiki Healing Session

Distant healing is when the person assisting with healing is not physically present with the person receiving healing. This way, is as effective as an in-person healing. Before and after the session I am happy to discuss any questions, concerns or goals you have regarding your healing experience.

Reiki healing is never harmful and is always compatible with other forms of treatment. If you are already receiving medical treatment, Reiki can help decrease healing time and/or help reduce negative side effects that can sometimes accompany medication, surgery and trauma. Reiki has a long history of  facilitating  the healing process of practically every known illness and injury -yet- not under any condition is Reiki a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe medicine or interfere with treatment from a licensed medical professional.

Before the distant session we will set up a specific date and time for when the session will begin. During the session, the receiver is asked to retreat to a quiet, comfortable spot where complete relaxation can be obtained by either laying down or sitting up comfortably.

45 minute Session – $75
(Payable through Paypal)


*Please inquire about discounts for multiple sessions*