April 24th, 2017 • The Emperor Reversed

Deck • The Victorian Romantic Tarot

Lots of new experiences at your doorstep. The new way has come. Movement, action, productive conversation, faith, the opposite of what has been going on for so long. You wanted change but you were still so comfortable where you were sitting. You knew it was coming, it’s here now whether you were ready or not. Surprise! Focus on the positive aspects of the change/s, they are meant to better you, to grow you. Wish granted, unexpectedly. 


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April 17th, 2017 The Knight of Wands Reversed

Deck • The Rider Tarot

•Letting go of that which no longer serves us so that We may move forward has been on my mind a lot lately. It seems like I’m seeing many card readings talking about the same thing. I wanted to know what we could do differently to aid the process and this is the card that came up. 

•A drastic change in lifestyle is recommended. Whatever you’re doing, stop, do something else. If what you have been doing isn’t working, try something else. This is the hard truth of the matter. What you do quickly now, slow that down and what you’re not doing much of, do that more. 

•If you even need to ask this question, you do not believe you deserve pleasure because to ask this question means you are keeping it from yourself. Think more about what brings you pleasure. Take pleasure in the things you do. Do more that brings you pleasure. Then you have all the good things and you will attract more good things. Start thinking more about that even if it’s just enjoying the pleasure of having two eyes to see this beautiful world and two legs to explore it. Slow things down and enjoy life more. 

•Let the fire of Wands burn away the old thought patterns so that the new thoughts can have room to form. Give that to yourself and you will surely move forward. 

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April 15th, 2017 • Death & Rebirth

Deck • The Goddess Oracle

Your cup is always full. Whether you are happy and inspired, full and reveling or disappointed and regretful. Your cup is full, and you are full of life. 

Let me focus on the most painful part, Death. Maybe you are in the phase of needing to let go. It’s going to hurt and drag out if you keep holding onto something or someone that needs to pass on thru your life. Because, that space that is created will be the new home of something a lot more satisfying. You can’t have it both ways. What you let go of leads to the rebirth.

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April 13th 2017 • Six of Swords

Deck • Zombie Tarot 

Yesterday’s reading was the Six of Swords Reversed and here now, we have the same card, right side up. 

It’s always a good day when we master our mind and thoughts. Today, everything looks a little brighter. The good thoughts win today and what’s great is that they’re all true. See how long you can keep it going. Let one great thought give birth to another and then another. Let your momentum flow. You’re headed in the right direction when everything feels good. 

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April 12th, 2017 • Six of Swords Reversed

Deck • Dreaming Way Tarot

Thoughts, worries and memories are a funny thing. Well, I guess how our minds wield them is the funny thing. 

Just when you think you’ve thought about a particular thing in all ways possible, so much that it eventually drives you temporarily insane and then you come full circle back to sanity and realize it was not worth worrying about and firmly put it in check… it comes back to cut you and the whole cycle begins again. 

We all have those reoccurring thoughts of non-constructive past regrets or worries or doubts. They don’t really do anything to help you in the now. It’s a waste of time to take these old things out of storage to drive yourself mad. 

What you can do to help move yourself into a place where your hand is nowhere near the handle of these unproductive thoughts is to think about the things that excite you. Roll out all your thoughts of what you’re thankful for, where you want to be, who you want to be, who you want to be with. Switch from No thoughts to Yes thoughts. You are the chooser, you are the controller. These swords don’t just start singing on their own, they come to life when you pick them up. 

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April 10th, 2017 • Nine of Wands

Deck • The Rider Tarot Deck

Boundaries are an important part of keeping our sanity. We set boundaries within ourselves and with others. There are some inner thoughts and people we give a little too much freedom to which can end up biting us in the ass. Being bit in the ass is not a good feeling and can initiate more unpleasant thoughts. 

Maybe now is a good time to take a look at what or who is bothering you and see where you could provide more space for you on your side of the fence. 

Communication and honesty will be a big help in this. Put your feelings first. You don’t have to be salty to get a point across, be fearless and speak from the heart. 

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April 6th, 2017 Two of Wands

Deck • Tarot Art Nouveau by Antonella Castelli 

You are spirt and it’s very good to remember that but you are also extremely human. It is good to meditate all the positive thoughts and strive to be the best spiritual human you can but there must be balance. 

You must not be so hard on yourself for the thinking and feeling that just comes along with being human. That’s why your here and it’s supposed to be a helluva ride. You’re really doing just fine. Keep growing, that is all you ever wanted from this experience. 

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April 4th, 2017 • Queen of Pentacles

Deck • The Victorian Romantic Tarot By Magic Realist Press 

The job that is best for you is one you love. It’s a subject that is always simmering in your thoughts providing unending excitement. It’s a naturally woven-in part of you.

The Queen is here to ask if you know what subject brings you joy? If you do not know, keep asking yourself until you do know and then practice what you love everyday. And what you practice everyday will take care of you and provide for all your needs on every level. 

PS, Decorate your life with what you love. The more you share with others creates more opportunities for further success. 

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April 2nd, 2017 • Three of Cups

Deck – Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi

Celebration is in order. Did you go out of your comfort zone today intentionally to grow? Were you very aware of your thoughts and feelings making sure your mind stayed afloat in the positive aspects? The little things are big things and they do deserve to be celebrated. 

You deserve to celebrated! Compliments to you and your hard work, even if it’s just one step in one day of moving forward. 

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April 1st, 2017 • The Chariot

The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot • Magic Realist Press 

There is a fantastical amount of momentum available right now for your goal. You may know exactly what that goal is, keep moving forward. You may be having great ideas moving you in the right direction toward a future that would bring you pleasure. The main focus here is keep moving. 

To keep moving you have to stay motivated and to stay motivated you have to keep your mind in the game or else this momentum can fade off. To get somewhere you need a vehicle, are you in the right vehicle to get to where you want to be? 

This is all you. You choose what your thoughts will be and how you feel. Stay focused to what you want and if you don’t know exactly what you want, stay focused to being open to the wonderful things the Great Spirit, Source has planned for you. 

As I was wrapping this up I got further guidance to pay attention to the animal kingdom. From the tiniest of insects to the largest of elephants. This could be by print, sculpture or in person, any form of animals etc.. When I see an animal and get an odd feeling about it I google the particular animals meaning and it’s usually pretty insightful. 

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