Reiki, Energy + Health

Reiki is a type of energy healing well known for its powerful ability to relieve stress, promote healing (on all levels) and effortlessly increase a natural desire to cultivate spiritual awareness and balance.

The word Reiki is Japanese and it is the description of the of energy itself. Reiki has come to be often described as Spiritually Guided Life Energy. Ki is around us and flowing through us all the time, it is the energy that keeps us alive. Health and a sense of well being are a result of unblocked Ki which nourishes every cell and organ in our bodies. When the flow of Ki is obstructed it can result in illness and cause negative effects to our body, mind and spirit. Rei is the essence of spiritual consciousness. You could describe it as God or as a higher all knowing wisdom. It knows who every living being in the Universe is which means it knows who you are, it knows exactly what you are going through and what you need and where you need it most. That is why the healing power of Reiki is so dynamic.

Reiki benefits everyone differently depending on their needs and is a unique experience each time, not only for the one receiving the treatment but also for the practitioner. Reiki energy flows from the hands of the practitioner to the receiver most commonly by either hands hovering closely over certain areas of the body or lightly laying hands on areas (ie: head, chest, legs) A very common sensation that accompanies a Reiki treatment is deep relaxation. Some might feel warmth flowing through them or just in particular areas of the body. Some feel light pressure in places and may even fall asleep for a little bit where as some feel nothing out of ordinary at all. After the treatment, feelings of well being and positivity are frequently experienced and in some cases a long night of restful sleep. In the days that follow after a treatment each individual can experience healing benefits in many ways depending on their own specific healing needs.

Energy + Health

Energy is what makes it possible for us to move, think and be. It is infinite and it is how everything in the Universe is connected. Energy is not only what we are made of it is what everything is made of.

Our thoughts and emotions are energy and have great power in shaping our lives. Everything we’ve ever said, felt or done has brought us to exactly where we are today. Staying focused in our present moment has a lot to with keeping track of our energy. If you’re not paying attention to the way you feel you could be unintentionally giving your energy away or attracting unwanted energy. When we are a constant beacon for unwanted energy many negative experiences and health side effects can end up manifesting into our lives.

When we do not feel good inside, when we become imbalanced and continue in that fashion, our personal energy can become blocked and/or depleted. This is when we are vulnerable to many types of dis-ease. Addiction, constant illnesses, cancer and depression (to name a few) are dis-eases that can manifest as a way for our bodies to communicate with us that there is imbalance within. Our feelings are our warning system. So, it’s very important that we stay present so that when these negative feelings begin inside we can identify them and figure out what has caused us to feel this way and begin to turn it around to prevent dis-ease. It isn’t wrong to feel negative emotions but to entertain them for long periods of time does not benefit our health in any way. We have the power to control our emotions, they do not control us.

It is our own responsibility to maintain our health. Nobody else could do the job even if they wanted to or if we wanted them to. Because we are all so different and special it would be impossible for anybody but us to be in charge. That is why we must delegate time for ourselves, take care of ourselves and seek out what nourishes and replenishes our own energy.