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April 15th, 2017 • Death & Rebirth

Deck • The Goddess Oracle

Your cup is always full. Whether you are happy and inspired, full and reveling or disappointed and regretful. Your cup is full, and you are full of life. 

Let me focus on the most painful part, Death. Maybe you are in the phase of needing to let go. It’s going to hurt and drag out if you keep holding onto something or someone that needs to pass on thru your life. Because, that space that is created will be the new home of something a lot more satisfying. You can’t have it both ways. What you let go of leads to the rebirth.


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April 6th, 2017 Two of Wands

Deck • Tarot Art Nouveau by Antonella Castelli 

You are spirt and it’s very good to remember that but you are also extremely human. It is good to meditate all the positive thoughts and strive to be the best spiritual human you can but there must be balance. 

You must not be so hard on yourself for the thinking and feeling that just comes along with being human. That’s why your here and it’s supposed to be a helluva ride. You’re really doing just fine. Keep growing, that is all you ever wanted from this experience. 

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