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April 13th 2017 • Six of Swords

Deck • Zombie Tarot 

Yesterday’s reading was the Six of Swords Reversed and here now, we have the same card, right side up. 

It’s always a good day when we master our mind and thoughts. Today, everything looks a little brighter. The good thoughts win today and what’s great is that they’re all true. See how long you can keep it going. Let one great thought give birth to another and then another. Let your momentum flow. You’re headed in the right direction when everything feels good. 


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Tarot Card Reading • March 31st 2017

Deck – Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue

It feels invigorating to be inspired and to have so many ideas within reach. It feels good to think about all the possibilities you could bring into your life. This is what being alive is supposed to feel like.

What I am drawn to mention are the ideas you have about income, job and home (your foundation). There are either some already seeded ideas planted awhile back that have started sprouting or magic bean sprouts recently planted through synchronized circumstances. The Sun is shining on them and giving them what they need to grow. Keep tending to these ideas. Give them your time, attention and love. Make them into reality. If you are already taking the beginning steps to making your ideas a reality, keep going. If you have these wonderfully strong ideas, keep them strong. Make notes, do research.

You have help available. What you think, feel and speak have the ability to propel you to the reality you want. Where you go and who you meet do as well. Opportunities are everywhere.

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